Smartstrand Carpet For My Living Room

Smartstrand Carpet Is Perfect For High Traffic Rooms

Today Sandy writes:

Dear Diva, I’m considering Smartstrand Carpet for my living room and dining room.  I have three small kids and a large dog.  The guy at the flooring store recommended this carpeting hands down for my space, but is it the best carpet for me? Thanks

While it’s difficult to know exactly what carpet will work best for you, I think the salesmen was correct.  Mohawk Smartstrand is a great carpet for stain resistance.  I’ve seen mustard  stains come clean with just water and mild soap when SmartStrand carpets were in question.  So if your kids and dog get messy, Smartstrand can take just about anything they can dish out.  Smartstrand is also an eco-friendly carpet that has the Green Label Plus certification.


This certification is for Low VOC’s (volatile organic compounds) which means it does not effect the air quality in your home with harmful off gassing.   So if you are looking for a carpet that is like having a stain fighter on steroids and you care for the environment Smartstrand is a great choice.  Not to mention they have some of the best carpet videos I’ve ever seen.  Check this one out for example:

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