Today Thomas asks:

I’m getting ready to put new blinds in my condo and I’m not sure what I want. What is the difference between 1″ blinds vs 2″ blinds?

Well Thomas, that is a very good question.  It’s very difficult to decide what type of window blinds to purchase, especially if you don’t know much about window treatments.  So I’ve narrowed it down to the four most important differences between 1″ blinds and 2″ blinds:

#1 Light control – When you have the blinds all the way down and the slats tilted open, you can see out easier with a 2″ blind then you can with a 1″ blind. Thus, you maintain more of your view and you get more light coming into a room with a 2″ blind tilted open than a 1″ blind.

1" Blinds vs 2" Blinds

#2 Clean-ability – Generally speaking 2″ blinds are easier to clean as well.  Especially if you are comparing a wood or faux wood blind to an aluminum mini blind.

#3 Weight – The 1″ mini blind weighs less than faux or wood blinds.  This is especially important for windows over 6′ long.  The slats of a window blind that large may bow with the weight.

#4 Price – When comparing price 1″ mini blinds can be less than half the cost of 2″ blinds.  This price gap grows the larger the blind gets.

As you can see, these four differences are substantial. What it comes down to for most people is price and functionality.  If you are still having trouble deciding between the two choices, pick the feature that is most important to you!  This will help you be happier with your choice in the long run!

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Written by Amanda Hartley