In today’s economy, the home improvements we want to make are sometimes just out of our budget.  Just because it’s impossible to make the large home improvements doesn’t mean that there is nothing that can be done though!  Think I’m nuts? Then check out these smaller projects that can really makeover your bathroom

#1 New paint: It is amazing how much different a room can feel just by adding a new color to the walls with a fresh coat of low VOC paint.  Depending on how much prep is needed and big your bathroom is you can repaint it for under $20.  What a steal!  You can also repaint your towel bar accessories and light fixtures.  If you have a little patience however, you can simply repaint the dated finishes in your bathroom instead of replacing them.  A can of spray paint is under $10, which is less expensive than new lighting and fixtures. Have wallpaper? Not to worry. While it is more difficult, there is nothing wrong with painting over wallpaper as a last resort. It’s a bit more involved, but hardly impossible.

Bathroom Makeover

#2 New mirror: Replace your dated vanity mirror.  You can remove the old one yourself, just keep in mind that if the new one is a smaller size then the old one. It may take a little wall prep…especially if the old mirror was glued to the wall.  Don’t get discouraged – just keep a little extra in the budget for some wall patch and tools if it’s needed!

#3 New Accessories: New towels, new rugs and bathmats add a new splash of color or maybe just a new color coordination can make your bathroom feel better to anyone paying it a visit.  Tip:  Keep your eye out for a bathroom you like.  While you can’t reproduce the size and new spa like fixtures you can reproduce the colors they used in their accessories.

There are so many small projects you can do to help improve the look and feel of your bathroom.  These were just three bathroom makeover ideas to help your bathroom go from boring to wow in less time that you think!

Written by Amanda Hartley