A Modern Recliner For A Contemporary Style Living Room

Looking for a modern recliner for a contemporary style living room?  Then look for a recliner with smooth lines, less frill and one that presents ergonomic options.  It’s definitely more difficult to find a modern recliner to fit into a contemporary space than we might like to admit, but it’s by no means impossible.

To start with, try looking online, in furniture catalogs and at local furniture showrooms to find that perfect look.  Here a few key tips to remember while looking for a contemporary styled recliner:

1) Avoid a quilted look. While it looks comfy at first, it will not fit into the contemporary style of your living room.  Instead, look for streamlined recliners with less stitching and padding.

quilted recliner
This is what you want to avoid!

2) Look for a recliner that has a disc pull or hidden a lever instead of a regular lever to release the foot stool, this goes along with the streamline sleek look.

3) Consider an ergonomic chair that has a reclining foot rest or that comes with an ottoman.  Many ergonomic chairs are contemporary styled.

4) Consider theater room recliners. The built in cup holder is a plus and many of them come in a sleek leather style that should fit in wonderfully with your contemporary space.

As previously mentioned, if you can’t find the right style at local furniture showrooms, then consider looking online.  Here is one recliner I found within just a couple of minutes searching for “contemporary recliners“. Just remember not to sacrifice looks for comfort.  Ideally, you will want to test the recliner you choose or at least one in a similar style to make sure it is something you would actually want to sit in!