A Small Kitchen Island For Under $200

If you have an idea for a piece of furniture but can’t seem to find any within your budget think about recreating that look yourself!  There are many products out there that can help even the most novice do-it-yourself-er!  Just check out this project I recently finished.  I transformed a basic IKEA kitchen cart into a small kitchen island for under $200!

First I started off with IKEA’s Bekvam Kitchen Cart for $59.99 plus tax.  It’s a great little cart, very study with good wheels and bones.  It’s just a little plain and didn’t fit into the overall style of the kitchen. This is a piece you have to assemble yourself, but with IKEA’S directions it was a snap and took under an hour to put together.

Kitchen Island unfinished

Once the cart was assembled, I used Bondera Tile Set Mat and tiled the top with a beautiful glass and stone tile mosaic.  I used 1×1 tiles so I wouldn’t have to rent a tile saw.  Then I used glass tile liners for a border so that the edges of the mosaic weren’t exposed.  The glass liner tiles are smooth on the edges and make a nice border.  Since I’m trying to get away without using a tile saw, I cut the liners with a pair of tile nippers that had a scoring wheel built-in.  This is not a perfect cut and it is hard to do with out getting tile pieces everywhere, so make sure to wear gloves when cleaning up to avoid cuts.   After the tile was cut and laid in Bondera it was time to grout and clean up.

Kitchen Island unfinishedKitchen Island unfinished with Bondera Kitchen Island unfinished with tile

I painted the remainder of the cart last because I was having a hard time deciding on color.  Normally painting the cart first or even before it’s put together may be an easier way so you don’t have to tape anything off.  But in this case it worked going a little backwards, because I didn’t have to clean grout off of any of the painted surfaces.  I used Behr’s Premium Plus Ultra semi-gloss because the paint and primer in one let me eliminate priming first.  For this project I used only 1/2 of a quart of paint.  Which isn’t bad considering the dark black paint I used.

Kitchen Island unfinished tiled Kitchen Island unfinished tiled side

Kitchen Island unfinished finished Kitchen Island unfinished finished side

Total spent on the project: cart $59.99, tile $62, paint $14, grout $7, Bondera $40 = $182.99 plus tax.  The glass tiles I used and the Bondera are a little on the pricey side taking up over $100 of our budget.  On the plus side, there’s enough Bondera left over for another project. I could have used less expensive tile with the kitchen island project, which means this kitchen cart can be re-imagined for far less.  For example if I had used 4×4 ceramic tiles I could have saved myself $50.

Whatever your style and budget ,you can get the look you want with just a little time and elbow grease.  So don’t get discouraged the next time you find something with a hefty price tag, look around and see if you can create it yourself.