Recently I was tasked with finding a wingback leather chair for a friend of mine who is making over her formal living room.  I had a good idea of what color she wanted and a bit of insight into her style. After looking at a few stores and bringing her back pictures, I was told she hated everything I had picked out. Then she really nailed the point home by stating that she was not looking for anything that would of fit right into her great grandmother’s house.

To be honest, I was more than a little perplexed, frustrated and somewhat embarrassed.  The wingback chairs I had been showing her were textbook wingback style. I chose more contemporary fabrics but did my best to stay in the wingback category, which is where I went wrong. I needed to find chairs that had the over all style of a wingback but nothing like the traditional look.

American Leather Wingback Chairs

So it was time to go back out there and see what I could find. A furniture dealer pointed me to American Leather Wingback Chairs. He suggested them because they have a multitude of styles, make quality custom pieces of furniture and delivery is promised in under thirty days.  The manufacturing time line was important since this makeover needs to be done before Christmas guests arrive. Here are the two styles of wingback chairs I found and took back to my friend:

First we looked at the Cole chair. The Cole chair is a retro styled wingback with contemporary hints. It’s back is not as tall as a traditional wingback, but it still has accentuated sides.  All in all it is a comfortable everyday chair that blends in with any decor.  Plus it is available in American Leather’s 450 color and fabric options!

Next we looked at the McCartney chair.  The McCartney looks more like a traditional wingback, but has contemporary lines.  The geometric look of the chair really helps to update the wingback style.  Add one of the geometric fabrics and this chair definitely belongs in a modern or contemporary living space.  Like the Cole, it also comes in 450 color and fabric options.

Out of the two chair styles my friend choose the McCartney in Burnished Iron fabric. She has a very contemporary space and the graphic fabric and geometric shapes compliment her living room perfectly.

Written by Amanda Hartley