The shower is not only one of the first things we do of a morning, it’s also one area where most people are not big fans of water saving options. Why? Simply because most water saving showerheads don’t provide a very effective “showing experience.”

This brings us to a product that may very well be the shower head of the future. So much so, that water conservation might not be such a big deal when using this showerhead. Introducing the FloWise Water Saving Showerhead. Designed to provide the best shower experience with as little water as possible, American Standard really nail it with this the FloWise showerhead.

American Standard FloWise ShowerheadNotable features include:
– 40% Water Savings
– Turbine Spray at Max 1.5gpm
– Angle Adjustable

The FloWise Water Saving Showerhead provides you with the worthwhile shower you’re wanting, without using up as much water as other showerheads.¬†This translates into the feeling better about trying to use less water and living a “greener” lifestyle as you get ready for work of a morning.

So how much will this showerhead set you back then? How about $25-$43. This is assuming you are merely replacing the shower head and nothing else attached to it like the shower arm & flange.

Is this the right showerhead for you? I think it is for anyone wanting decent water pressure without spending a fortune on their water bill. For families of three or more, this a no brainer.

Written by Amanda Hartley