Let’s face it, during any makeover there is a budget.  And usually said budget isn’t enough, so items get cut from the room. This is especially true with artwork!  Who hasn’t taken from the artwork budget to get a better piece of furniture?

Then to make it worse, inevitably during a makeover I’ll wander by an art gallery that has THE perfect piece for my space. But after inquiring about the piece, I’ll learn that it is far out of what’s left of my budget.

When it comes to selecting artwork for any budget, it can be difficult to find something that fits in your space.

So when thaArtwork For Any Budgett happens it is time to start thinking outside of the box! Here are three ideas that can help you save money and get the art or wall decor you need in your space!

#1 Books and calendars are great places to find prints that you can frame yourself. If you’re looking towards more of a vintage or traditional vibe, then look for prints in old books.  The pages are already yellowed with age and will add an authentic feel.

#2 Create your own piece of art.  You see them do it on the design shows all the time.  If the room needs a contemporary or modern feel go for something abstract.  It doesn’t have to be perfect, just pull in some of the colors from your room. This is also a great option if you can’t find any art in the right colors, this way the painting looks like it belongs in your space!

#3 Try purchasing from local artists.  Or look online.  Etsy has a great selection of artists online.  You can browse by color or even theme.  You can also browse by artists in your area.  And the best part is that the art is affordable.  And if you find something you like but need a different size you can convo the artist and ask if they can do what you need.

No matter what your budget is on your next project, you don’t have to skimp on the artwork.  You just need to do some research or get paint on your hands, unless you know where to shop!

Written by Amanda Hartley