This is the time of year where we really start noticing the sunshine and not always in a good way!  Naps get cut short and “sleeping in” is interrupted by the sun streaming through the window at the most inopportune times.  No matter if you just want your little ones to stay in bed longer or whether you can’t sleep yourself now is a good time to consider blackout roller blinds.

Whether they’re going in your room or a kids room, the blinds don’t have to ruin the decor.  Blackout roller blinds can be installed behind other window treatments as long as you’ve got enough depth in your window casing.

blackout roller blinds

You can purchase regular old-fashioned spring roller blackout blinds at home stores or online for cheap.  A great feature about the old-fashioned spring roller is that it is cordless so you don’t have to be concerned about safety with kids and pets.

Since this option is cheap, don’t expect a lot of color choices. Most come standard in white or cream, with more color choices few and far between.  If you would like to add some personality to your shades don’t forget they can be painted.  Check out this link from Martha Stewart’s site on Stenciled Roller Shades.

If you don’t want just plain white and you don’t want to paint blackout roller blinds, then checkout the options available via custom order.  Custom order blackout blinds come in many colors and fabric choices, so you’re sure to find something more decor friendly that will match the style of your room.  You can also choose what type of valance you want to finish off your window.

Custom shades also are available with more control options. So if the blackout blind is in an area that is hard to reach you can get a continuous cord loop or a remote control to make operating the blind easier.  Just keep in mind that many of these options do cost extra.

No matter your style or budget, you don’t have to let the sun keep you or your kids up this time year.  There are blackout roller blinds available for every budget and every style!

Written by Amanda Hartley