Today Lori writes:

I’m looking for a rustic yet contemporary flooring for my great room.  I love wood but haven’t found anything that fit both of those styles as of yet.  A friend suggested checking out BR111 hardwood flooring, is that a good brand or do you have any other suggestions?

Yes Lori, I’d suggest at least checking out BR111’s website. They have a lot of wood flooring that could fit into that unique mix of styles you have going on.  One style to check out at BR111 is the Cabernet Pecan. It is a 1/2″ engineered floor that has 5″ wide planks and is beautiful!  It might have too much grain pattern for what you are going for.  But it is an absolutely stunning floor.  And is at a great price at just under $6 SF.

BR111 Hardwood Flooring

Another one in the same price range you might want to check out is the Zinfandel Tigerwood.  It is also 1/2″ thick and 5″ wide plank.  But the Zinfandel Tigerwood is hand scraped.  A hand scraped wood floor will also help give you that look you are seeking.  Obviously I’m a big fan of the high contrast grain patterns, but if you aren’t there are other options.  BR111 has some beautiful 8″ wide oak plank flooring as well.   BR111 hardwood flooring has quite the range of hardwoods from traditional to exotic. The store also has a competitive price range and a quality hardwood product.

Whatever type of flooring you go with, check out your local flooring stores as well as looking online.  With some thought as to what you want, and an idea of color you are sure to find a hardwood floor from BR111 that fits into your unique style.

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Written by Amanda Hartley