One of the hottest new trends for your kitchen or bathroom makeovers are touch faucets. Touch faucets are available in a wide variety of finishes and styles.  And if you’re looking at replacing your existing kitchen faucet or you’re in the design phase of your kitchen makeover already, it might be worth considering the Smart touch faucet technology of Brizo.

The Brizo Smart Touch faucet allows you to turn on the water by simply touching anywhere on the faucet body or handle.  This is a great tool for any chef or cooking enthusiast. Imagine being able to rinse off an ingredient while cupping it in your hand and being able to turn off the faucet by just touching it with the outside of your hand.  You won’t have to waste any more water while waiting to come back to turn the faucet off once you put the ingredient down. It’s not only a convenience, it’s simply a more effective way to work in the kitchen.

Brizo Faucet

Another benefit with the Brizo Smart Touch faucet is that it’s catching the interest of consumers who would otherwise be indifferent to such a product. Take my husband for example. He couldn’t care less about the finish, the style or any other specific feature that we put into our new kitchen, but once I showed him a touch faucet, he suddenly had new found opinions. Well, mostly he didn’t care what faucet we got as long as it had that the Smart Touch feature.

For some reason, touch faucets are like remote-controlled blinds to some people, once they see that there really is technology in it, you’ve got there attention.

Other than being a great tool for a chef and a really cool feature touch faucets are trendy.  Brizo’s Smart Touch faucets come in five styles and several different finishes.  They start at just under $700 and go upwards of $1200 depending on style and finish.  Check out their website to see all the available styles and colors.

Written by Amanda Hartley