Today Grace writes:

Are bidet swash toilet seats just as effective as the real deal? I’ve lost some of the mobility in my shoulder and I think this could solve the problem, but I don’t have the space for a bidet. I am hoping that the toilet seat is the next best thing. Thank you!

Grace, in the last couple of years bidet toilet seats have come a long way.  If you had asked me before this change I would have told you not to waste your money, but these days I think they are worth every penny.  Of course not all brands are created equal.  So it is still important to do your research on a specific brand and model before purchasing one.  I did a little research and found one model in particular that I think is worthy to recommend. It is the Brondell S900 Swash Toilet Seat and it has glowing reviews!  It retails for around $399 so it isn’t the cheapest toilet seat available, but it also isn’t anywhere near the most expensive as other models are around $1000 or more. Attachments to make a bidet toilet seat start at around $40.

Brondell Swash Toilet SeatThe Swash toilet seat comes in both the round and elongated shape so it will fit any toilet. The toilet seat also claims to be installed in less than one hour. None of the reviewers mentioned that it was hard to install, so I think this guesstimate is trust worthy. But I haven’t installed one myself yet, so I can’t say this from experience. It also comes with a wireless remote that would impress anyone who is into gadgets. I know this in particular because my husband who is a self-proclaimed gadget geek, saw the image on my computer screen and thought a toilet seat with a remote was something we needed. Considering he is not so easily impressed with toilet seats I think the remote caught his eye.

Getting back to the your question Grace, the wireless remote would be very helpful with your mobility issue.  Rather than having to stretch or reach, you would just hit the buttons on the remote instead. This is one of the best features of the Brondell Swash bidet toilet, it’s hands free! And according to the reviews, the remote is easy to use and understand. So you won’t have to worry about remembering which button does which, unlike most remotes.

In addition to the hands free feature, the Swash toilet seat is also heated. What this means is that you won’t have to worry about sitting down on a cold toilet seat during the winter months! Which I have to admit this feature sounds very nice considering the seasonal arctic chill.

Another plus to installing a bidet toilet seat is that it saves on the cost of toilet paper.  This may not seem like a huge savings compared to the cost of the toilet seat, but it will add up quickly over time. My guess is that depending on how expensive the toilet paper you use happens to be, you will have saved the amount of money the Swash toilet seat costs in just a couple of years. And of course, let’s not dismiss the bidet’s health & hygiene benefits over that of standard toilet paper.

I think a bidet toilet seat is a good call, especially if you consider the Swash or a model similar to it. And if you consider that the toilet seats are less expensive and better built than in years past. Add to that the fact that bidet’s are hands free, heated, will save you money on toilet paper and hygienic and you’ve got a winner.

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Written by Amanda Hartley