Today a reader asks:

Dear Diva,

I have been wanting to do a new tile backsplash for my kitchen. After giving some thought to using vinyl tile as a backsplash per your recent post, I am curious if have any tips for keep the costs down since I am trying to do this on a budget. Still up in the air as to whether or not I will be using vinyl tile or another type. One thing for sure, price is a deciding factor.

I think I would start off by going to a tile manufacturer and looking at their “seconds” when looking to find budget friendly tile buys. Often times they have pretty expensive tiles on the cheap just waiting to be purchased.  A friend of mine did her kitchen back splash in metal tiles and they were $3.00 a pound!  These tiles had minor imperfections that so the vendor couldn’t sell them for regular price but they were a great find in the seconds bin.  Glass tiles and hand painted tiles can also be found scored for similar prices if you just do some asking and looking around before you buy.

Budget Friendly Tile Tips

Use the expensive tiles as accents.  Alternate accent pieces with regular tiles.  Glass, metal and hand painted tiles are very popular, but they can really take a bite out of your budget.  Find a porcelain or ceramic tile as your main tiles, and use something else for a border, accent or deco tile.  You don’t have to give up the look you love just because it has a high price tag.  Be creative and think of ways you can incorporate your favorite pieces without breaking the bank.

Shop at home improvement stores and tile liquidators.  They get a discount on their products because of the shear number of there sales.  Let them pass that discount on to you.  Natural stone tiles are often half the price at big box stores than they are specialty tile places.  They also have good deals on glass tiles.  You don’t have to sacrifice your dream tile just because of the price, you just have to know where to look and what’s out there.

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Written by Amanda Hartley