Today Marissa writes:

Dear Diva, the heat is finally getting to me. My house is so hot I can’t stand to stay home during the day. I’m miserable! I don’t have a lot of extra money to spend, so can you suggest some budget sun blocking shades?

Marissa, I applaud you for making it this long into the summer before cracking down and seeking out sun blocking shade options. However, I’m sure you’ll wish you had acted sooner when you see how budget friendly your options really are!

One of the best options for sun blocking shades are old fashioned roller shades. These shades are still like the ones your grandmother or grade school used and they are still just as effective at blocking the sun.  Since we are seeking out the budget friendly version you’ll want to look for in stock rather than the custom version. You’ll find the best prices either online or in home improvement stores. At the budget friendly price, expect to find these shades available in either white or cream. And if you have a large window, you may need to double up with two or more shades because they are only available up to 72″ wide. Generally speaking, you can expect to pay $50 or less depending on the amount of sun you are expecting to block. On the plus side, these types of shades are also usually cordless so they are a great choice if you have kids or pets in your home. However the spring roller mechanism is not the most hearty so you will want to treat them like fine china if you expect them to last longer than a year.

Budget Sun Blocking Shades

Another option for sun blocking shades are the ones you install on the outside of your home. You can find these as inexpensive as $15 at home improvement and big box stores in a standard size of 6 feet. This variety often will come in a pvc/vinyl composite in white or tan, and will block some of the sun before it hits your windows. For a much more effective way to block sun you will might want to check out Coolaroo shades. While they are more expensive than the previously mentioned outdoor shades, they will also block considerably more of the sun’s heat from coming in your window. Plus they are better at preserving your view.  These shades will cost up to a $100 but will last much longer as well.

The last option to mention is more temporary. But if you don’t intend on using these shades for months on end, consider going with a temporary pleated shaded. While these shades are better suited as temporary blinds they will help to cut down on the some of the heat you are experiencing right now. The blackout kind will provide the most amount of heat reduction. And will cost less than $10 depending on the window size and shape.  These blinds are usually made out of paper or vinyl and stick to the window sill using a double stick tape. You won’t have a lot of control as far as when you want to let light in, but you will be providing another layer of protection to block out some of the heat.

Depending on which option you choose, you could be spending as little as $10 per window and will be providing almost instant relief from the sun.  With choices as expensive as these you’ll be wondering why you waited so long to invest in budget sun blocking shades!

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Written by Amanda Hartley