Today Karolyne writes:

We are in the middle of a huge kitchen remodel and my 15 year old daughter just told me that I need to get “green” appliances if I care about the planet and her future. I don’t even know if “green” appliances exist! Any advice would be greatly appreciated.

Karolyne, there are few different things you can do to ensure you’re buying energy efficient appliances; that are also “daughter approved!” The easiest thing to look for is the Energy Star Label. The Energy Star label is a “trusted, government-backed symbol for energy efficiency and that they’re also considered to be “green” as well.” This means that those with this label will help reduce greenhouse gases and reduce energy bills without losing desired function, performance or comfort. You can find the Energy Star label on the appliances themselves or on the product literate. If you’re doing research or shopping online, you can also go to the company’s website and look at that specific model’s product page.

Buying Energy Efficient Appliances

Also, there are a couple of things you should know before you start your shopping. Number one, appliances that do not use water or cool things are not energy star rated. This means you won’t find this kind of rating on a range or clothes dryer.  But don’t think that means that all ranges and clothes dryers are equal consumers of electricity. For example, some clothes dryers are indeed more efficient than others. The most eco-friendly or energy efficient clothes dryer are the ones that have a moisture sensor cycle that shuts the dryer off when it senses the clothes are dry. Of course if you really want to be eco-friendly when it comes to drying your clothes, you should install a clothes line and let the sun do the work for you outside, thus saving even more electricity. That said, if your 15 year old is a lot like those I know, she may not want to be bothered with that idea. After all, hanging stuff up outside is more time-consuming.

Regardless of what type of appliances you’re looking into, you should be able to find a suitable option in your price range that is also eco-friendly. Energy efficient appliances may cost more in the beginning, but they’ll save you money on your electric and/or water bill over time. All you need to do is look for the Energy Star label and check the options to see if they offer any smart operating options. Either way I am confident you’ll find some new options your 15 year old daughter will approve of!

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Written by Amanda Hartley