Today Sandra writes:

Help! I am having a terrible time trying to coordinate my new kitchen’s pain colors with what I hope will be my new countertop for my kitchen. I am open to granite or some kind of stone countertop, I forget what this is called. Is there anything out there pre-designed to work closely with a paint company to make my countertop color choices a little easier?

Well Sandra, I do have one product in mind that I believe will meet your needs. Let me introduce you to Cambria quartz countertops. Not only do Cambria quartz countertops provide you with a very strong contender in the engineered stone arena, but you will find that you can work with them to match Benjamin Moore paint with any Cambria quartz countertops selected.

Cambria Quartz CountertopsBy using pre-selected countertop and paint color combinations from both companies, finding a great quartz countertop just became a lot easier.

What does going with engineered stone like Cambria quartz countertops really get you in the way of features though?

Stronger than granite. That’s right, going with a quartz countertop is going to mean less concern over damage with each passing year.

Food safe surface. So rather than having to deal with a non-food safe surface like granite, the quartz countertop translates into a surface that doesn’t require another food barrier for cooking prep.

No hassle. No need to worry about sealing, polishing or reconditioning the Cambria quartz countertop. This type of engineered stone is practically maintenance free, just keep it clean like you would with a table.

Naturally hard surface. Cambria quartz countertops are made of pure natural quartz. This makes the surface the hardest non-precious stone countertop out there.

So there you have it. With 2011 countertop colors to choose from, plus the wall paint matching solutions available, selecting a Cambria quartz countertop makes a lot of sense for what you’re looking for.

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Written by Amanda Hartley