Today Anna asks

Dear Diva, We are replacing the old lighting fixtures throughout our house and I am having a hard time deciding on what to do in the dining room.  There are so many choices when it comes to chandeliers. Some are gaudy others are simple, which do I choose for my dining room?  Please help!

When it comes to lighting options, there are definitely many different styles and finishes to choose from.  I can understand why it would be confusing, especially when choosing a dining room chandelier.  Not only do chandeliers come in a variety of styles and finishes, now you get to choose color options in glass or fabric shades and how much detail or as you put it how “gaudy” it is.

So with all these choices, how do you decide?  Well, let’s start with an easy choice first.  What type of finish do you like?  Chrome, brass, satin nickel or something else? What finish do you keep finding yourself drawn to?

Choosing A Dining Room Chandelier

If you aren’t sure, then consider what finish is on the rest of your household lights? Haven’t decided on those yet either? Then what finish is your cabinet hardware, faucets or door knobs?   Matching an existing finish, whether it be lighting or other fixtures in your home is an easy way to decide on the finish of your new chandelier.  It is also a good way to increase flow in your home, especially if you can see other fixtures from your dining room.

Once you decide on the finish you want, you can move on to finding the right style of chandelier.   If you know what style you like, you can narrow down your search even further and just search by that category.  If your home is older and more traditional stick to a vintage look, consider the time period the rest of your home is decorated in as well.  If you have a modern feel look to something that has clean lines and is simple.

Anna, I’m guessing traditional is not your style because you used the word “gaudy” to describe a chandelier type.  If I was you, I’d stick to transitional or contemporary styled chandeliers as the best choice for your needs. Transitional fixtures are also a good way to stay neutral with your lighting choices.  This also insures that as the style of your furniture changes your lighting fixtures won’t become instantly outdated!

I’d also suggest looking around online to see what types of chandeliers are available, spending sometime doing the research may help you narrow down your choices!

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Written by Amanda Hartley