Today Tamyra writes:

Dear Diva, Please help!  I am in the process of choosing a metallic tile backsplash and I just can’t decide on the color.  I have a stainless steel appliances, a neutral beige countertop and cherry cabinets.  On top of that my faucet and light fixtures are satin nickel.  Originally I thought I’d have to go with some kind of a silver color but it looks blah because it blends in with the appliances what should I do?

Choosing a metallic tile backsplash can be difficult, especially when you’ve already got a metallic finish in the kitchen it is going in.  It sounds like you started off in the direction I would have gone in first too.  You’ve probably noticed that while the silver metallic tile matches your stainless steel appliances it does nothing for your cherry cabinets.  That is because silver is such a cool color while Cherry wood is warm and rich.

Choosing A Metallic Tile Backsplash

While it sounds contrary to your initial instincts, I’d suggest going with a copper or aged bronze tile.  A copper tile would accent nicely with your cabinets and it would also stand out from the stainless appliances and nickel fixtures in the kitchen.  An aged bronze tile could work as well depending on the shade of your cherry cabinets.  If the color of your cabinets are dark, the aged bronze tile may end up just blending in with them, and creating a similar problem that you were running into with the silver metallic backsplash tile.

Whichever way you go, remember to bring a sample tile home into your space and look at how the different light affects the way it looks throughout the day and evening before purchasing.  There is nothing worse than installing a new metallic backsplash tile only to find out, it doesn’t look the same at a certain time of day.  I speak from experience on this one! Only I made my mistake with paint and ended up having to paint over 2 huge rooms.  Trust me this is something you can avoid with only a bit of patience before beginning your project!

If you can’t get a sample or the sample isn’t very big, one trick that has always helped me with any solid backsplash tile is to bring in paint samples to the tile shop.  With a metallic backsplash tile this will be even easier to match up.  Compare the paint samples to the tile you are looking at and find one that matches.  You can then get a quart or sample can made at your local paint store.  Back at home, paint a piece of masonite or even poster board with your sample color.  Once it dries you can set it up in the kitchen in the backsplash area and find out if the color works for you.  This trick takes a bit of the guess-work out of choosing metallic backsplash tile!

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Written by Amanda Hartley