Choosing a glass backsplash can be overwhelming.  If you know you want glass tile but aren’t sure what type or what things to consider check out these 5 tips for glass tile backsplash do’s and don’ts:

1. Choose a glass backsplash that you like and won’t get tired of later on.  Don’t choose one just because someone else suggested it or it was a good buy.

2. Don’t pick fad colors (we all know the colors of the seventies well, olive green, orange and gold they are making a comeback, but will probably not be popular in a few years).

3. Stay neutral if you’re going to sell your house soon, go wild and pick something you can live with if you will be living in your house for years to come.

Glass Tile Backsplash

4. Pick simple patterns or larger tiles for small spaces, this will help keep your backsplash from looking busy.

5. Choose the right style for your space, if everything is traditional do not pick an ultra modern glass tile backsplash design because you may regret the lack of flow later.

No matter what style or type of glass backsplash you choose it is important to pick something that looks good in your space and that you can live with!

Written by Amanda Hartley