Inexpensive range:
One option for choosing inexpensive solar shades would be the rolls of film you put on your windows. Just beware that some newer windows warranties are void if you use that film, so check with your window manufacturer first before automatically taking the easy way out for solar shade options. Now the films themselves range in color of tints (silver,gold, platinum etc) and come in different sizing. But an average sized window can usually be done in $20 bucks or less.

Today’s newer films are much easier than traditional window tinting options. They don’t require a special formula to spray on the window and while it is still helpful to use a squeegee to apply them, they don’t rip or bubble as easy as they did as recently as five years ago.

Choosing Solar Shades

Mid range:
I must admit, I’m a big fan of the big box home improvement retailers because they help cater to every price range. If you’re looking for middle of the road to mid range solar shade options, check them out. Physically drive down there to what they have in-stock. Stores like Home Depot in particular, have solar shades by Design View that comes in 2 colors and look a lot like a mesh screen.

So you can still see out of and not have to worry about the UV rays fading your furniture or new cabinets and wood floors. For their in-stock selections, you will be limited to a max size of 60″ and it’s around $60. Keep in mind that they can be cut down to just about size under 60″ that you need though, so you get the custom look without the custom price.

More expensive range:
Custom order solar shades range in price depending on style, brand, and size. Many companies have a book of fabrics to choose from. Some of these listed, look just like mesh screens, while others have patterns and even fabrics that look like woven woods. The right match for you just depends on what your taste and your budget is.

Besides, the other great thing about “special order” roller shades is they are custom made just for you and they have a lot of extras you can add. Such as, cordless or corded controls, decorative hems and tassels, delicate beading and upgraded valances. But with custom orders also come custom prices, be prepared to shell out more money to get the shades to look and function exactly how you like. Also give yourself around three weeks for a lead time. So order ahead of time if you have an special events planned. Follow this advice alone on placing special orders with any big box store is going to save you a tremendous among of stress overall.

Written by Amanda Hartley