Today Jolee writes:

Dear Diva, We are remodeling our kitchen with a beautiful granite countertop and espresso finish cabinets but I can’t decide on the appliances. Should I be choosing stainless steel appliances? Even though I hate seeing fingerprints.  Or do you think I should choose black appliances instead?  Thanks

Jolee, based on your description of the choices you are making in your kitchen, I’d suggest going with the stainless steel appliances.  Mostly because the black may look funny with your espresso cabinets. When you’re matching dark color cabinets, you have to mindful of how dark the cabinets are, especially because espresso tends to look black in some light. So matching a black appliance with a “black” looking cabinet could be like matching a black sweater to black pants.

It may look awkward if the cabinets have a brown tone and the appliances have a blue-black tone. Also if your kitchen doesn’t have a lot of light, you might want to shy away from an all black look. It might just be too dark whereas the stainless steel appliances will help reflect light around and keep the space from looking smaller than it really is.

Choosing Stainless Steel Appliances

Another thing to consider is whether you’re going to be selling your house anytime soon.  Because if you are planning on it, you definitely want to consider the stainless steel appliances. Especially since that is what most new buyers are looking for. You don’t want to spend all the money on the remodel and have something as trivial as the color of the new appliances keep a buyer from making an offer.

If you’re just concerned about the finger prints there is a way around them, some stainless steel appliance manufacturers make finishes that resist fingerprinting.  GE makes some appliances available with the CleanSteel option.  This finish looks like stainless steel but resists fingerprints. The color is slightly different from traditional stainless steel appliances, but in my opinion it’s hard to notice a difference unless they are right next to each other.

If two of your appliances are close together, I’d consider going with LG’s appliances.  The finish is called Titanium and it does the same thing as GE’s CleanSteel, but is a little closer in color to the stainless steel finish in coloring.  In the end however, either the Titanium or the CleanSteel will help you avoid those dreaded fingerprint marks.

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Written by Amanda Hartley