What home makeover doesn’t begin or end with a fresh coat of paint? Paint can change the feel or mood of any room. And with low or no VOC (Volatile Organic Compounds) paints, painting just got better for you and the environment. Today’s low VOC paints are available in more colors and have better coverage. And every brand has it’s own line, so no matter which company you favor, you’ll be able to find a line with low or no VOC’s. While there are a number of articles out there on how to choose the best no VOC paint, most of them are lacking specific brand recommendations for selecting low to no VOC options.


Red Paint

Speaking for myself, I’m a big fan of color on a wall but I hate the smell freshly painted walls can leave.Realizing this, I  wanted to try out Glidden’s Freshaire paint so we tried it on the walls in my home office. The overall coverage was good, but the lack of “that freshly painted odor” was simply nothing short of divine. After spending several hours painting I went to bed and couldn’t even smell the wet paint in my bedroom!

The next day I was able to work in my office with only having the window cracked! Normally I would of been avoiding the freshly painted room for days. Overall I have to say it’s worth the extra dough, not to mention it’s better for the environment. You are going to spend a little more money for being green. But in this instance I think it’s worth it.

Generally speaking, you can expect to spend $30-35 on good paint. A can of good Low VOC paint will run you more like $35-45. With Glidden’s Freshaire being on the low end and Mythics No VOC paint being on the higher end, you do have some maneuvering room within your budget. But if you live in a home with allergies or small children that extra $5-10 could be a life saver. You know what they say: better not to be penny wise than pound foolish. Besides, fresh paint can new life to your living space!

Written by Amanda Hartley