Today Kim writes:

Dear diva,

My tile in my shower was not done properly and I had to replace everything down to the studs.  I was planning on putting up marble tile up in my shower walls but I have run out of money and it is no longer in my budget.  I like the look of the marble and have seen a product called cultured marble that comes in sheets that can be used in showers.  What do you think about the product?  Is it easy to install myself?

Cultured Marble shower walls aren’t as popular as they used to be, which is a shame because the product is better then it used it be.  Cultured marble is a great way to get some of the look of real marble without the cost.  And it’s more stain resistant that natural marble!  It is also comes in large sheets so you have less seams to worry about in the long run.  Usually the only seams are in corners and it can be sealed with 100% silicone caulking.  To give you a nearly waterproof shower. Certainly going to help prevent bathroom moisture problems!

Marble Shower walls

As far as the installation process being easy or not. . .it really depends on your skill level.   If you find that  this is way too much for you, it is not completely unreasonable to shop around for a contractor to give you a hand. Let the Internet be your guide.

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Written by Amanda Hartley