Today Fran asks:

Dear diva, I work from home and I have gone through two of those plastic looking office chair mat’s this year.  Are there any alternatives that will last longer?  And look better?

Yes! There are fashionable alternatives to the plastic office chair mat!  My favorite is using a bamboo chair mat.  Made out of eco-friendly and sustainable, bamboo chair mats are tough as nails and doesn’t break down like those plastic chair mats.  Plus most manufacturers treat the bamboo mats do well with hardwood flooring and they get a tough coating placed on the top.

Bamboo Chair Mats

The most common colors are natural bamboo or “toast”.  But they can also be found in other patterns and colors.  Bamboo mats are more expensive than those made of plastic, however you won’t have to replace the mat every six months. Clearly this helps to justify the cost, but it still pays to shop around for the best buy price possible.  These mats range from around $90 – $300 depending on the style and manufacturer.  It sounds like a lot of money at first, but keep in mind that good plastic chair mats start at $50.

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Written by Amanda Hartley