Today a A concerned parent writes:

Dear Diva,

I know you have written countless articles on cordless blinds, but I wanted to get your thoughts on the dangers of corded blinds and children.

Are articles like this correct? Is there really this big of a danger at hand?

Are cordless blinds the only options for avoiding this kind of danger or is there another option besides going with those expensive cordless blinds? Maybe some kind of shutter? Help!

Yes, strings on blinds are a huge concern for small children and pets alike.  The strings can be a strangulation hazard.  But there are things you can do to minimize the strangulation risk of corded blinds.  For example you can get  free retro-fit kits from the Window Covering Safety Council. Here is a helpful link from their site.  It includes diagrams so you can see how to retro fit an existing blind to make it safer for small children in your home.

Cordless Blinds For Small Children

The retro-fit kits will help minimize the strangulation risk, but to maximize safety, I suggest installing cordless blinds.  Cordless cellular shades, cordless roller shades and vertical blinds with wand control are the safest.  And yes, they can expensive.  Shutters however, are even more expensive.

If you’re looking for an inexpensive blind option consider going to a home improvement store and buying in stock roller shades or vertical blinds.  Neither of these options have any cords or strings that can be unsafe for children.  No matter which option you go with, just remember you do have options.  As I always say, it just takes a little research to find the option that is right for you!

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Written by Amanda Hartley