Today Sylvia writes:

Dear Diva, We’ve been in our house for a couple of years now, and the plants the builders put in look dreadful! I want to tear them out and start over! I don’t have much of a green thumb but I know I have to do something to improve the curb appeal of my home. What tools are available to people like me, who want to do it themselves but don’t even know where to begin? Thanks.

When it comes to designing a garden layout, there are many options out there to help make this job easier for you. From online tools, to books and places you can go to get help.

You can find a lot of information in online tools. Just beware that the ones that are free are only going to give you limited functionality. But that maybe enough depending on what you are doing. Check out the Better Homes and Gardens website. Their website tool allows you to set the shape and size of your garden. You can also add different structures from sheds and greenhouses to pools and sculptures.

Designing A Garden Layout

With the Better Homes and Gardens website tool you can really get a feel for how your garden is going to be laid out. This will help with selecting the bushes, trees and flowers don’t get caught up on specifics. The site does not have every type of annual known to man, but it does allow you to choose the size of the item you’ve selected so you’ll be able to make do. Other than that this blue print like design tool can be very helpful for designing a garden layout in no time!

Another great place to look for garden layout ideas are in books and magazines. Whether you check out your favorite book shop or an online bookseller you are sure to find a book that will help you design a garden layout because there are hundreds available.  If you don’t want to buy a book on the subject then consider going to your local library, nursery or home improvement stores.

Garden nurseries and home improvement stores are great places to go for free information. Some may even have free takeaways you can bring home with you to plan out your space. Home improvement stores offer free classes during the spring and summer to help get you going on your gardening. Sit in on one of the available classes if you have the time. These classes can be packed with a lot of great information and now you’ll know who to come back to when you have questions! Some nurseries also offer this service as well, so scout out the ones in your area and talk to the staff to find out what help they can give you.

No matter what option you choose, you’re bound to find some wonderful information to help get you going on your new project! I wish you good luck and remember to wear plenty of sunscreen and a big floppy gardening hat! It is important to protect yourself otherwise you will spend less time enjoying your handiwork and more time tending to your sunburn!

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Written by Amanda Hartley