Today Carol writes:

We’re looking to do a bathroom remodel, but one of the things we are finding ourselves stuck on is choosing a decent tile for the floors. At first, we figured we’d just go with a discount bathroom tile, but if we go this route, are we buying into problems with quality? Are there considerations with quality, texture and general wear and tear overtime?

Just because the tile is discounted doesn’t mean it’s cheap.  Discount bathroom floor tiles are great, but I might not consider it in a kitchen where there are more heavy things that can fall and potentially break the tile. At the same time, these same tiles would be just fine for a bathroom.  My reasoning for this is because the majority of tile I’ve seen at discount prices is ceramic.  Ceramic tile is a great priced tile but is not as dense as porcelain so it can chip and crack easier.

Discount bathroom floor tiles

Also remember that since it’s discount tile, you will want to get extra tiles to ensure that you have enough for your job and you will want to keep it on hand just in case you need to replace some in the long run.  That is the biggest mistake people make when purchasing tile, they don’t get enough. Because of that, they either can’t finish the job or don’t have enough to make repairs later on.  Just remember that discount bathroom floor tile is very difficult to find later on, as the same exact thing may not be available any longer.  Because dye lots change from lot to lot and discount can also mean discontinued. As long as you remember the key points of discount bathroom floor tile you can make a smart decision and save yourself money on your makeover! 

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Written by Amanda Hartley