Today a reader writes:

Dear Diva, I really want a double wall oven.  But I don’t have the kitchen space for a wall oven.  I have been considering going with an electric double oven range instead.  I’m just not sure I’ll be happy with the smaller size, what do you think? Please help!

Owning an electric double oven freestanding range is growing in popularity for a number of reasons.  One major reason for their popularity is that not everyone has room for a double wall oven.  Wall ovens take up wall space as well as space on the countertop for a separate cooktop. So if you have a small kitchen and really need to utilize the space you already have, a wall oven is not a wise choice.

Another reason that causes people to shy away from double wall ovens is that they’re more expensive than standard freestanding ranges. For example, a double wall oven can easily cost over $2000.  While a freestanding double oven range starts at just $1200.  It’s important to mention that you can get wall ovens for less than $2000, it just depends on the size, finish and manufacturer. Most standard size (30″ wide) double wall ovens in stainless steel will cost you over $2000.  Add to that cost, the fact that most likely you will need to pay to have someone install it, and the cost can go up even more.

Now that we’ve focused on the reasons why someone would oppose a double wall oven, let’s look at why someone would be interested in an electric double oven range.  First of all, you get two oven sections in the same space as a regular freestanding single range. This means you have the functionality of cooking two things at once with different temperatures without requiring the space for two ovens.

double oven freestanding range

My recommendation for a double oven? The LG LDE3017.  Because it is one of the double oven ranges with the most interior space. The LDE3017 has 4.4 cu. ft. just in the lower oven. While the overall oven capacity is 6.7 cu. ft. Making LG’s LDE3017 the largest capacity freestanding double oven range on the market. It also has one of the largest upper ovens at 6″ tall. Which means you can cook larger items in the upper oven.  This could come in handy when cooking for a large group or preparing holiday dishes.

LG’s LDE3017 is not the most inexpensive double oven range, but it is also not the most expensive either. If you’re looking at stainless steel, it will cost you around $1700.  So this is definitely more of a luxury appliance than a standard one.  It does have a convection oven in the lower compartment and the LDE3017 has a few other features that make it worth the price.  LG has that beautiful cobalt blue interior and hidden baking element on the lower oven.  And if you like to grill but don’t like to grill outside in the winter months consider using the upper oven’s Infragrill.  Because Infragrill heats up the oven quicker, it will cook your burgers and chicken 30% quicker, while keeping food juicer.

Now that you know my recommendations and why someone would shy away from a wall oven.  Make sure you consider all your options and then look at what works best for you, your budget and your space.

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Written by Amanda Hartley