Today Anna writes:

I hate my plain beveled glass bathroom mirrors but I don’t feel handy enough to remove them and put up new ones.  Do you know anything I can do myself – that will jazz them up but be easy to do? Any suggestions would be most helpful!

Anna, you’ve come to the right place! Not only have I tackled this task myself and can give you first hand experience, but I can also give you a second option that is just as easy. And both projects will help jazz up your mirror, while allowing you to be able to be custom tailor the look to your individual style!  This is done by adding a frame to or around the existing mirror. The most common materials used are wood or tile.  The reason I’m suggesting wood or tile is because both have easy to follow install options, that are very do-it-yourself friendly!

If you’re confident in your wood working abilities, you can make a wood frame yourself. If you’re like me though, and don’t want to spend the time making perfect mitered corner cuts, you can order one to fit over your existing mirror. One company that makes ordering a mirror frame easy is MirrorMate.

To install a MirrorMate frame you only have to follow these three easy steps:

First step: Put your frame together. The frame comes with wood glue that you evenly spread on the adjoining ends.

Second step: Insert the corner connectors, then use your thumb to keep them securely in place.  Don’t forget to wipe off any excess glue.


Third and final step: Install your frame. Place the frame in the spot you are going to install it and put the two placement corners into both upper inside corners.  Take the frame down, but leave the placement corners up they will be your guide.  Now remove the tape backing and set the frame into place using the placement corners.  Remove the placement corners and press the frame firmly into place. And viola you old mirror has a new look!

If a wood frame doesn’t fit into the vision you have for your bathroom, consider installing a tile one instead.

Follow these three easy steps to install a tile mirror frame:

First: Plan out your frame . This is important for two equally important reasons: You can make any cuts in advance and you won’t come across any surprises once the tile is glued to the mirror. This is especially important if you are using natural stone, because each tile may be a different color or have a different pattern. By laying the tiles out on the floor or a table, you will be able to plan out which tile goes where and rearrange them until you get the look you are going for.

Second: Apply the adhesive.  There are many types of adhesive for applying tile to a mirror. Which one you use should be determined by what type of tile you are using. For thin glass tiles, you can use a double-sided foam tape.  When it comes to heavier tiles, you will want to use a glue or mastic. Make sure you read the product label for instructions, specifically those instructions regarding what the adhesive will bond to. You want to make sure that it will stick to both your tile and mirror.   Personally, I would look for an adhesive that bonds to mirrors and glass and comes in a caulking gun tube, like Liquid Nails or another such brand. Then apply your adhesive and wait the allotted time before the next step.

Third: Set the tiles.  Make sure that you set the tiles in the adhesive and wiggle the tiles lightly back and forth to ensure the adhesive flattens out. Start at the bottom of your mirror, then work your way towards the top. The adhesive will take a little while to set, so to ensure your tiles don’t move. Consider using painters or masking tape to temporarily secure the tiles in place.  Immediately remove any extra adhesive while it is still wet. Once the glue is set, you can remove the tape and admire your handy work!

Whether you chose to install a MirrorMate frame like I did, or choose to tile instead both of these options are easy do it yourself friendly projects! Which one you choose is up to you and should be based on your preferences, style and budget! I am confident that either choice will look smashing and jazz up your old plain glass beveled edge builders grade mirrors!

Do you have questions about the selecting or the installation of: tile, carpet or wall treatments (window blinds, etc)? Then email me your tale of woe(diva(at) and perhaps I will be able to answer your questions right here at the Home Makeover Diva Blog!

Written by Amanda Hartley