After watching yet another design show create a custom snack/wine bar with an under counter beverage center, I stopped drooling and kicking myself for not including one in our own kitchen makeover.  At some point you have to realize that no matter how much you plan ahead, new and noteworthy products will always pop up after your renovation!  If you’re in the middle of your own kitchen makeover however, then you still have time to be wooed by the Electrolux Beverage Center!

The 24″ Under Counter Beverage Center by Electrolux has got to be the coolest thing since sliced bread!  It’s versatile and can be used as a standalone unit or as a built-in.  The door can swing from the left or right side.

Electrolux Beverage Center

The Under Counter Beverage Center is beautiful!  It’s made out of stainless steel and lit with LED lights.  Did I mention that it is beautiful?  Unlike other beverage centers  out there, with this one you can actually see what is inside of it.  The glass on the door is UV filtered to protect wine’s flavor,  but you can still set the lights to display your collection.

There are many other features too, like integrated controls, PureAdvantage Air Filter, and Luxury Glide Shelves just to name a few. About the only disadvantage I could find is that the beverage center is almost as expensive as a full-blown refrigerator.  And many buyers may opt to go with a less expensive version to save money.

Just remember that you will have many more features available to you with a beverage center in this price range than with something on the lower end.  And when it comes to appliances, you get what you pay for.

If you want a quality long-lasting beverage center with many luxury features, then it is worth the almost $1700.00 price tag for sure.

Written by Amanda Hartley