Do you have a room of your house that you avoid during the summer because it gets too hot? Can you feel the heat radiating in from the windows? If you answered yes to both of these questions, it’s time to consider new energy efficient shades for Windows. You don’t have to avoid sections of your home in the summer months you just need to know your options for heat control.

Cellular Shades: One popular style for controlling energy efficiency is Cellular shades. Because of their cellular or honeycomb design, these shades will help reduce the amount of heat that comes into your space.  This is done by trapping the heat that comes in through the window in-between the “cells” of the shade. To increase the amount of heat that is trapped, go with a double or triple cell for maximum R value (insulation) and consider a light blocking or blackout fabric for optimal control.  Keep in mind that by going with a darker fabric, you will not be letting in much natural light during the day. Which is why cellular shades are great for rooms that have TVs or computer monitors because you will significantly reduce glare on both of these. This type of energy efficient shade will also reduce the amount of cold air coming in during the winter. Cellular shades are available in a many colors and styles from various companies, with both in stock and online ready to ship products to custom designed and specially made just for you.

Energy Efficient Shades For Windows

Interior Solar Shades: Another option to consider is interior solar shades.  Solar shades are designed to specifically reduce the amount of heat coming into your space by blocking up to 90% of the sun’s harmful rays. Solar shades actually look more like a window screens and come in different levels of openness. The “openness” refers to how well you can see outside when the shades are pulled down. The smaller the percentage of openness the more heat the shades block.  Solar shades are a great choice if you have a view and you still want to preserve it. They are also nice because they allow natural daylight in, yet still manage to block the heat. Unlike cellular shades, solar shades are not all year round energy efficient shades, unless you live in warmer climates. As in, they do nothing to reduce the amount of cold air that comes in through the window. Solar shades are available in a wide variety of fabrics, they can be custom-made or purchased online in select sizes.

Exterior Solar Shades: If you like the idea of blocking out heat before it comes into the room, but don’t want to replace your existing window treatments, consider exterior solar shades.  Exterior solar shades are very similar to interior ones, only they are specifically designed to be outside.  They are also slightly more effective because they stop the sun before it comes in through the window. Like their interior counterparts exterior solar shades still allow maximum light into your home and preserve your view. Exterior solar shades also do nothing to reduce the cold air that comes in through the window and are only energy efficient during the summer months. Solar shades come in a variety of colors and sizes, some companies fabricate solar shade fabric into awnings and others operate more like a traditional roller shade.  They can either be specially made and installed and or you can purchase them a local hardware or home improvement store and install them yourself.

No matter, which option is right for your home, any of these types of window treatments are energy efficient and will reduce the amount of heat that makes the room unbearable this time of year. You don’t have to be miserable just because it is summer time.  Consider your space, your style and your budget and you’ll find the perfect option for you!

Written by Amanda Hartley