Today Jessica writes:

I have an old house with a pretty small kitchen and I keep finding great appliances that just won’t fit space wise. I want something gourmet or unique as it’s always been a dream of mine to have my very own Jetson’s kitchen! Do you have any suggestions for a small kitchen oven (24″) that still fits these perimeters?

Jessica, I know just the oven for you!  It is called the BL 253 by Gaggenau. It is a lift oven with an automatic elevating base also known as the elevator oven and it would definitely fit into the Jetson’s kitchen design! Not to mention it work in your small space since it is only 24″ wide.

Another way the BL 253 is a space saver is because it was designed to be mounted above the countertop at cabinet height. Yes that’s right, I said above the countertop. But don’t worry, you don’t have to be 8ft tall to use it! The Gaggenau BL 253 has an elevating base that will come down to almost countertop height so you can load your items in. Understand now why I called it the elevator oven? No more bending down into a hot oven to start cooking. Since heat rises, when you open the oven, the heat will stay up there and it will be cooler where you are with the food. The BL 253 has a bunch of great features that the most “discerning chef” will appreciate.

Small Kitchen Oven

For example, the elevator oven has a super quick preheat time and precise temperature control and monitoring. Which will come in handy with the more temperamental dishes!  Gaggenau’s elevator oven also comes with safety in mind, featuring both a child lock and safety lock. So not only will this oven help you cook like a chef but it will also be safe to have in your home!

Jessica, not only will this oven fit into a smaller space, but it is also Jetson’s kitchen ready! And you’ll also have all the tools of the trade if you enjoy cooking!

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Written by Amanda Hartley