Giani Countertop Paint

With the state of our national economy, more companies these days are coming up with new concepts for your home that don’t require spending a lot of money.  This is especially true for kitchen countertops. This means that there’s a renewed push to reuse what we already have, even if it means forgoing more attractive surfaces that come from countertop options such as granite. And despite the obvious downside to facing what would seem like a limited number of options, the fact is there are home improvement ideas that will allow you to have the kitchen of your dreams.

One new countertop paint that can make your tired-looking laminate or older solid countertop surfaces look like polished granite and it is called Giani Countertop Paint.

It’s fairly easy to use, simply follow along with the following steps:

Clean your old countertop. I don’t mean use a sponge and wipe down the counter quickly, I’m talking about really making sure the countertop is adequately clean enough to be considered a fully prepped surface.

Tape off anything you don’t want paint on. This includes the walls, sinks, cabinets etc. Not taping things off the right way, will indeed create massive headaches in the long term.

Roll on primer, working in three-foot sections. By following this three foot rule when apply the Giani Countertop Paint, you’re ensuring that the countertop paint is being applied evenly across the surface.

Sponge on all minerals, working in two foot sections. With the roller technique above, sponging on the minerals will allow the Giani Countertop Paint minerals to be distributed evenly throughout the countertop surface.

Apply topcoat. This is the big step, then after this topcoat has been applied, you’re all set.

Giani Countertop Paint

Because you have to wait in between steps this project is best spread out over two days or a weekend. Here is a link to Giani’s instructions on how to install.  This site provides very thorough instructions and should give you a very good idea of all of the processes and what you are getting yourself into.

Another great thing about Giani Countertop Paint is the price, it is more affordable than Modern Masters Countertop Transformations at only $49.95 for a kit that covers 35 square feet or up to 16 lineal feet of countertop.  Both companies use a different process so check out samples, installation instructions and colors before you decide on either of these eco-options for improving existing countertops!