Today Mary writes:

Dear Diva, I’m going to use Baltic Brown granite in a small kitchenette studio apartment. The backsplash will be 7 foot long by 2 foot . On the 2 foot wall will be a white refrigerator (All cabinets and appliances are white). I really like the new glass tiles and would like to use a coordinating color. The studio will be somewhat modern and it’s 19’x19′ one open room, should I use 3-4″ of granite as the backsplash for expansion, then add the glass tiles? Please give suggestions. Thank You

Mary, there really is no right or wrong answer to your question. Basically it boils down to what do you prefer? Do you prefer the look of the countertop being extended 3-4″ or do you prefer a backsplash made entirely out of the glass tiles instead? Either answer is perfectly acceptable and will look great! If you’re unsure exactly which you prefer, here are three questions that may help you narrow down your choice:

What can you afford? If budget is a concern, then go with the option that is least expensive. If the granite is less expensive than the glass tiles then by all means supplement the cost by doing 4″ of granite first. If the granite is more expensive than use the glass tiles for the entire space.

Is the countertop slab or tile? If the countertop is slab then I’d suggest not doing a 4″ granite backsplash, instead just going with the glass tile backsplash. This is mainly because there’s a considerable up charge for backsplashes on slab countertops and if you are planning on adding a backsplash you might as well save some money. Also typically I consider granite backsplashes on a slab countertop as a substitution for a tile backsplash. However if you’re going with granite tiles, then either solution is a good one.

Granite As A Backsplash

Are you living there or renting it out? If it’s being rented and you’re unsure of how the renters will treat things, I would suggest going with 3 or 4″ of granite. Mostly just because granite will be heartier then the glass tiles and can take a beating better in the long run. This is especially true if everyday kitchen items get slammed towards the wall. If you’re the one who is going to be staying there then you can go with either the granite or the glass tiles. Because you will most likely be more careful since you’re more attached to the items, than someone you’re renting the apartment out to would likely be.

This is also a great time to remind you to purchase extra tile of whichever one you choose, incase you have to repair something later on down the line. This way you will be ready to make a repair without experiencing the difficulty of matching different dye lots of tile or having to get creative finding something that will work with the original design.

Other than these three questions to consider, the bottom line is both options work. It just depends on which one you find more visually interesting. Especially when you consider the fact that Baltic Brown granite as a backsplash is beautiful and will look great in both scenarios!

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Written by Amanda Hartley