Recently I read this article on the Floor Covering News website that pretty much summed up what I’ve noticed over the last couple of years. While total carpet sales are down due to the recession, there has been an increase in percentage of overall sales of PET fiber carpeting. (PET stands for polyethylene terephthalate and is a type of polyester). PET carpet sales are gaining ground on nylon and have surpassed those of olefin (polypropylene) carpet sales. Which means green carpeting is on the rise!

Why is this? Because PET carpets are not only a great value, but also the most eco-friendly of the environmentally friendly carpet choices. PET is made of up to 100% post consumer plastic bottles. Which is why, it is commonly known as the “pop bottle carpet.”  Originally this carpet choice was thought inferior to nylon, but times are changing and so is PET carpet fibers.  Now I would rank them at 80% of nylon’s durability, but with superior stain resistance.

Green Carpeting Options


Another type  green flooring option that is also gaining some ground in carpet sales is the new fiber Triexta. Triexta is the carpet fiber that Mohawk uses for its SmartStrand line of carpets. This fiber is also eco-friendly as it is made from 37% corn sugar. This new type of carpet fiber is one of, if not the best carpet fiber for resisting stains and is also an all around good wearing carpet.  Triexta is definitely starting to give nylon a run for its money and I wouldn’t be surprised if it eventually surpasses nylon in carpet sales.

This information should also serve as a reminder to those who are considering putting their homes on the market in the near future. Being able to list the new carpeting as eco-friendly could be a positive selling point to potential home buyers. Whether you install new carpeting with the intent to sell your home or you are just updating your space, going with green carpeting is not only eco-friendly but also a popular choice.


Written by Amanda Hartley