So how do you choose a new bathroom vanity? There are so many products out there it is difficult to know what to get and where to start.  Choosing a new bathroom vanity is definitely one of those products.  Whether you’re remodeling your entire bathroom or just replacing your vanity there are a few things you should know before you get started.

1) What size do I need for a new bathroom vanity? You will need to measure your existing vanity or if the old one is already gone, the space you have available for a new vanity.  This is the #1 mistake made during any vanity remodel.  Before you start your search you need to know what size parameters you have to stay in.  Otherwise the new vanity you painstakingly chose may not fit in your space and you’ll be back to square one.

New Bathroom Vanity

2) Where is the bathroom plumbing and how many sinks do you have? Because if you do not have a plumber at your disposal, you’ll need to know exactly where the plumbing is.  If you have a vanity that the sink is exactly in the middle and the new one, has the sink to the left or right side or is a double vanity with 2 sinks. Then you are going to have to spend more money to hire a plumber to make it work or have a sink that is not plumbed for water because adding an additional sink is not something most of can do on our own.

3) Now that you know what size you are looking for and where the plumbing needs to be, it’s time to choose your new bathroom vanity. A bathroom vanity can come either together as a set with the counter top and the cabinet or you can buy them separate.   It just depends on what style  and materials you are looking for.  Also, if you have a custom size you may need to have each piece made custom for you. If you’re looking for the best deal out there that would most likely come in a set. Usually you don’t have as many options when it comes to sets. So if you are looking for something specific in style, color, or size you will probably need to buy the counter top separate from the base cabinet.

What about style and color then? I didn’t mention style and color because most of us know what type of a style we lean towards.  Are you more traditional?  Then try for something with more details and more ornate.  Are you into modern?  Consider looking for something with simple clean lines.  If your not sure, then start looking and just see what catches your eye!  Also remember that shopping online is a great way to see what types of vanities and tops are out there.  Also, be sure to factor shipping into your budget!

    Written by Amanda Hartley