Today Sandy writes:

Dear Diva, I’m having a horrible time deciding on window treatments. I really like the Bali Blinds company, but don’t have a clue what style to go with. Do you know any tricks or tools that might help me find the perfect window treatments for my house?

Finding the “perfect” window treatments for your home can be difficult, but there are tools out there to help you succeed! Bali Blinds in particular has a wonderful tool called, My Decorator. Used properly, this tool will show you how to choose Bali blinds.

The My Decorator tool can be accessed right on Bali Blinds website through the Design Center tab. Once there, go to “Explore my Decorator” and you’re in business. Unlike similar programs that you can use to find paint color, you can’t upload your own photo.  However, you can change almost all the aspects of the image in My Decorator. The view is a wall with one window, you can see a partial piece of furniture with a pillow and flooring. What’s great about the tool is that you can change the color of everything you see! While there isn’t a lot of items, there is enough to help you coordinate with your own personal color scheme. The pillow on the couch can be changed to a different color, just as the wall color and window moulding are also separate. Not only can you change the carpet color but you can also change the type of flooring from carpet to wood or tile. This is especially helpful, when you have a floor that has a pattern and you are considering a patterned window shade.

How To Choose Bali Blinds

I spent some time really exploring the tool and I have to say Bali did a great job with it and it will help anyone who is trying to choose window treatments. Not being able to use your own image aside, the My Decorator tool is very thorough. If you’re choosing a roller shade, Bali’s decorator tool even lets you see all the options available. For example: if you are considering a scalloped edge, it lets you see what that style fabric would look like in any of the edges. You can also choose different color gimp fabrics and tassels or beads as well the type of valance. No matter what type of window treatment you’re considering, this tool should help you begin to narrow down your choices at the very least!

One thing I would caution you against is relying strictly on the My Decorator tool to help you select your blind colors. While the tool is very good, the colors will vary from those depicted on your computer monitor. So instead it is best to focus on type of blinds, color family and control style. When you decide you are ready to look at fabric swatches, Bali Blinds does ship out up ten free swatches right to your home at no charge through the website. Otherwise, if you don’t want to spend time waiting for samples, go into a Bali retailer and check out a book with all the fabric colors.

Do you have questions about the selecting or the installation of: tile, carpet or wall treatments (window blinds, etc)? Then email me your tale of woe (diva(at) and perhaps I will be able to answer your questions right here at the Home Makeover Diva Blog!

Written by Amanda Hartley