Despite us being in a full on recession, the need to do a living room makeover on the cheap remains a very doable project.

Especially when you consider that you are doing the living room makeover “on the cheap” – that is the key.

In today’s post, I will explain how you can take simple to find tools and accessories, put them together and come up with a fantastic living room makeover for your home.



Nothing quite like a fresh coat of paint. At risk of sounding like a broken record, adding a fresh coat of paint is something you will hear a lot about on this site. Reason being is that nothing can transform the feel of a room as quickly as fresh paint in the right color. Obviously though, choosing the right color is a bit of an art, but here are some color choosing tips to help get you started.

Windows treatments can make all the difference. When most people think about windows treatments, they automatically think of expensive blinds that quite frankly, might be out of their budget at this point. Not to fear, as you can actually do quite a bit with the right kind of curtains for your room. If however, you can afford to step it up a notch, I would really recommend going with some really nice solar shades. Generally speaking, you can find solar shades that will meet with nearly any budget.

Make an ugly couch attractive again! Never underestimate the power of a decent quality slipcover. There is really not a lot of science to this, just find a style and pattern that works with the theme/scheme you are shooting for.

Area rugs are your friend. Much like the slipcover above, it comes down to a pattern/theme that is in sync with what you are trying to turn your living room into. Why do an area rug in the first place? Simple, if your high traffic areas in the living room are the focal point of attention, yet you are not budgeted to buy new carpet right now, a new area rug can do wonders for taking the sting off of the nasty looking carpet. Just remember to steam clean the carpet before laying down the area rug first. This way things will look their best.

In the next post – refinishing existing furniture

Written by Amanda Hartley