In these lean economic times, trying to do a small bathroom makeover on the cheap is likely the only way most people are ever going to breathe new life into their tired, dated bathroom designs. In some cases this can dive as deep as redoing a bathtub to keeping things as simple with tips to reorganize your existing bathroom setup. In this article, we will be exploring the simpler angle to giving your small bathroom a great bathroom makeover on the cheap.

  1. Keep it clean. This tip alone, can do WONDERS for making a small bathroom to feel new again. This means cleaning the walls, scrubbing out the grout and making sure the floors look their best.
  2. New walls and floors. If cleaning is not doing it for you, step it up a notch by considering a repaint and looking into redoing the bathroom flooring with some fresh vinyl or tile.
  3. New shower curtain and shower mat/rug. Bundled with fresh paint and new floor, throwing in fresh rugs and a new shower curtain can do wonders.

Outside of the potential for new flooring, all of this can be done for next to nothing.



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Getting some help.

Obviously some of this stuff is going to require some how to help. With this in mind, I will help you by suggesting two of the best resources I can think of.

  • Re-tiling the bathroom. Whether it be for the floor or the walls, you need this guide. This tile guide can save you thousands. For other tile ideas, check the link.
  • Use samples. It is perfectly okay to be totally lost with trying to figure out the color schemes. So when going to the home improvement stores, consider taking some samples home with you to help you decide on what look you are going for. It’s amazing just how far a tile and few paint samples can go.
  • When in doubt, get a quote from a professional. When it comes to flooring, sometimes it pays to get a pro to help. And if you are willing to do some shopping around, it can cost you a less than you might think. A small bathroom is not expensive to have new vinyl installed.

Written by Amanda Hartley