If you are trying to save money but are tired of your old dingy backsplash, chances are you will be open to anything that works on a budget. Well, did you know that you can paint right over tile?  You don’t have to live with those old tiles anymore and you don’t have to go through all the work of removing them and then reinstalling tile.  You can just paint a color or mural right over it and it only takes five easy steps to learn how to paint over your old tile backsplash:

1. First, clean off the existing tile and grout with soap and warm water to remove any grease, dirt or residue.

2. Now prime the area making sure to use a glossy surface primer.

3. Then paint your base coat or background color.

Paint Over Your Old Tile Backsplash

4. Okay, go ahead and use a stencil or freehand your design onto the mural.

5. Now add a coat of Polyurethane to protect your mural and you’re all done.

You can add pizazz to your kitchen without spending a ton of money on tile.  It just a takes a little patience and the right primer and paint for the job!

Written by Amanda Hartley