Today Cindy writes:

We’ve just replaced our appliances in the kitchen and are now looking at doing something about behind the stove. Frankly, I have asked my husband about adding a new backsplash and needless to say he was less than excited at the idea. So know I am asking you, Diva. Can you teach me how to tile a backsplash? Is it really as big of a pain as I’ve heard it can be?

Well Cindy, learning how to tile a backsplash can be made into a really intensive project if you take the usual approach. However if you’re willing to mix things up a bit, try some non-mortar products that help make the job easier, you’ll find it’s not all that bad.

How To Tile A Backsplash

The key to learning how to tile a backsplash really comes down to the following points.

What kind of tile are you going to be using?

Something else to make your backsplash tile stay in place?

The tile, really comes down to what type of surface you’re looking for. Ceramic, glass, metal, the list goes on. Because this really comes down to personal preference, there is no really right or wrong choice here. Style, colors or perhaps even going with something that uses vinyl are all good options depending on the end result you might be seeking.

How to tile a backsplash made simple

Believe it or not, there are two great products out there that will allow you to make tile backsplash happen with less effort that most people might think initially. The first product is called Bondera and it’s a tile mat set. Then there is also SimpleMat as well. Bondera is available at Lowes while SimpleMat is a Home Depot product.

Not too long back, I demonstrated how one could use Bondera and some glass backsplash tile to make a small tray for the kitchen. It was applied in the same way as it would be when used for a backsplash. Apply the Bondera, apply the tiles, grout and enjoy. Obviously there is some prep time for the grout involved here, but when you’ve removed the need for mortar, you will see that learning how to tile a backsplash isn’t really that difficult. Take the simple approach, use Bondera. It’s works great!

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Written by Amanda Hartley