Ideas For Your Kitchen Backsplash With Tile Samples

Today an anonymous reader writes:

Really need your help with this one. Should I be looking at ideas for my backsplash with tile samples? I work a lot, so I don’t have a lot of time to look for new kitchen tile backsplash ideas, do you have any suggestions? I just want to make sure I am overlooking anything.

If you don’t have a lot of free time but you’re looking for that perfect the perfect backsplash idea, I’d spend what little free time you have on scouring the internet for the best selection of backsplash tile ideas!  Just keep in mind that if you order backsplash tile without seeing it in the flesh, the tile may not look the same as it did in the picture!  Here are a couple of places you start by looking online but you should be able to either have samples sent directly to you for a low-cost, or be able to find a showroom near you! — One of my favorite places to go for new backsplash tile samples is  They have a great selection, in addition to several tools that will make your search more fun.  You can use the Design-A-Room tool and upload your own photo for example!  This is a great visual tool.  Once you find the backsplash tile sample you think you like, you can order samples online from their website easily.

Daltile charges $7.95 per tile sample, but if you’ve got your tile narrowed down to just a few tiles, that is not a bad price as a 4″x4″ is the same price as an 18″x18″.   This option is great if you are too busy to look around locally.  Otherwise you can take the time and go to one of Daltiles showrooms, or a retailer who sells their tile and see samples for yourself with spending the money. — Another great website that mails out backsplash tile samples is The tile samples BuyTile at are free, but there is a shipping charge.  BuyTile carries several different tile brands and styles and have good pictures of their products to help give you a feel for the way it will look on your backsplash.  I like this website because they have almost any type of backsplash tile you could want and there are pictures of the tile in a space to help give you a visual of size and texture. — Another great place if you are looking for more natural backsplash choices is  They don’t send out tile samples like some of the other manufacturers, but they do let you know where you can go to see their tile in person.  Solistone specializes in natural stone in a variety of unique styles.  From stone pebbles to metal mosaics, they have all the new trends.  Solistone is all about texture.  If you want to transform your space with something you can really feel check them out.  My personal favorite is the cubist collection stone mesh tiles because you don’t have to grout them!

Still need some great backsplash tile ideas? Check out this video for even more backsplash examples!

These are just three of my favorite places to look at tile, there are thousands of other options so look around the web, see what you can find.  The great thing is you don’t have to leave your computer to find what you are looking for!

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