Today Rhonda writes:

Dear Diva, we have a very architectural home and I need new light fixtures that are grand but aren’t chandlers. A couple of years ago I thought I found the perfect chandler but now I hate it! What can I use that will still make a statement but won’t hang down and be an eye sore like my current chandler.

Rhonda, have you thought about using a semi flush ceiling fixture? Because semi-flush fixtures will hang down a few inches but not nearly as much as a chandler. There are other more contemporary options, but I think a semi flush ceiling light would fit in better with the architectural quality of your home.

More specifically, you should check out the Justice Design Group PNA-9719-35 Porcelina semi flush ceiling lights at Lighting Universe. These ceiling lights range in size from 18″ to 48″ so there should be one that is the right size and scale for what you need. The finishes available are matte black, brushed nickle and dark bronze.  And there are many different bowl designs to choose from depending on which fixture you choose. From pleats and waves to checkers and bamboo leaves, plus the Porcelina Collection is part of the Limoges collection of translucent porcelain. So you can also find other coordinating fixtures if you are also considering replacing other fixtures throughout the house. This is always an important issue for me, when considering a new light fixture of any kind.

Justice Design Group PNA-9719-35 Porcelina Ceiling Lighting

That’s right I said translucent porcelain. So you should expect the fixtures to weigh more and be expensive more than standard ceramic or glass fixtures. But you can also expect to see more delicate patterns and a much more elegant look and feel. Porcelain fixtures have always been my favorite because of the intricacies not found in other materials. I also love the design of this collection because it is both contemporary and classic and should add to the architectural feeling of your home.

As stated above the fixtures will weigh more than traditional fixtures, so check with your electrician and make sure that they feel confident hanging a fixture of that weight and that your home can handled it, before purchasing. Most of the time it isn’t an issue, but I always like to be informed when there is the possibility of a project getting more complicated.

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Written by Amanda Hartley