Kitchen Countertop Options

Today Diana writes:

I have oak cabinets that are stained a dark blue,…sort of a “country blue”,…I am putting copper tin blacksplash that will go from the countertop up the wall under the cabinet,…flooring is going to be hardwood,…and then granite countertop,……what color of granite and floor,…I thought of a light floor as the cabinets are dark,…the ceiling is white tile,…it is an older home (1900’s) so I am trying to keep with the era,…also,…there is brick around the top of the kitchen, around the stove,..and on one wall. Soooo,….I need some help here…

Diana, I’m willing to bet your stained blue cabinets and the copper backsplash already look amazing together, so now it is just a matter of finding the right colors for the rest of your kitchen. So all we’ve got to do is take those two items into account and find a great countertop to match! I know… it’s not as easy as it sounds, but I’ve got a couple of suggestions that might help you out!

When it comes to choosing kitchen countertop options and flooring, it’s important to realize they go hand in hand. For example if you choose a darker countertop, you will want to balance that out with a lighter flooring and vice versa. Ideally a great granite countertop choice would be one that includes the blue color from your cabinets, as well as the brickwork and the copper colors. Unfortunately I can’t think of one that has all of these specific colors! But I do have a couple of colors in mind.

Kitchen Countertop Options

How about Kashmir White granite or any granite color that has a similar white base? The Kashmir White granite, in particular is a pretty light color and could be a great choice. It just depends on the exact color of your cabinets and whether it’ll look good together or not. The little red flecks in the this granite countertop would help bring in the reds of the brickwork and the copper of the backsplash. Plus, since this granite is on the lighter side you could go with a little darker flooring. Consider a gunstock or chestnut colored oak flooring or something colored similarly. Something in that range would look great next to the cabinets and keeping the countertop light would keep the space from darkening up.

If you don’t like the light-colored granites, how about Black Galaxy? I’m suggesting the Black Galaxy instead of Absolute Black, because I think the orange/yellow color flecks in Black Galaxy could work well with your brickwork and copper backsplash. Another dark color to consider is Blue Pearl, but it may be too much a good thing where the blues are concerned. If you do decide to go with a dark color granite I would definitely install a light-light color floor. Like a natural or honey colored oak. Something in this tone will help keep the room from appearing darker.

Not to steer you in another direction but if you can’t find a color that works perfectly in granite, have you consider going with a white marble or lighter tone Silestone? The Silestone would be great if you like the look of the marbles but don’t want the upkeep. There are quite a few different color Silestone swatches in the white family that would work nicely in your space.

As for the flooring specifically, I would choose one after you decide which countertop you want. Then you can use the color of the granite to help you chose the color of the wood flooring. Staying in the light to mid-range color tones will help keep your room from being too dark. And because of the age of your home, I’d stay away from any exotic hardwoods. Instead stick with a domestic wood. Domestic woods are: ash, beech, birch, hickory, maple, pine, american cherry, american walnut and red or white oak. Depending on your location, oak was the most common wood used in the early 1900’s. If you want to choose something that matches the age of your house, don’t forget to look into reclaimed wood flooring. Reclaimed wood is a great option that has character and is eco-friendly.

And remember, no matter what colors you end up going with, make sure you bring samples home to compare colors. While you are looking at natural products and the colors will not match exactly, it’s still a good idea. This way you will have a pretty good idea what you are getting before it is too late!

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