Today Sam writes:

Dear Diva, I am interested in KOHLER bathroom sink faucets that are more expensive than any of the other faucets in my home. It is for a small guest bathroom and while I like the look I just don’t know if it is a good choice. The salesman says KOHLER is a good company, but I don’t want to just take his word for it. Also the style is a KOHLER Bol single-control ceramic faucet. It fits perfectly with the theme in that bathroom, but I need a second opinion! Please help! Do you think it is worth the money? Thanks!

Sam, I definitely understand being leery of what a salesperson you don’t know is saying. But in this case he was right. KOHLER is a good brand. Most KOHLER faucets come with a non-transferable lifetime warranty which will protect you against defects and leaks. This is better than the standard 1 year warranty a lot of manufacturers offer. The reason I specified non-transferable is that the warranty is only valid to the original purchaser. If you purchase a home with a KOHLER faucet installed by the original homeowner, there will be no warranty against future defects. This probably doesn’t apply in Sam’s case, at least not as a home buyer. But I wanted to make sure the perimeters of the warranty were mentioned, nonetheless.

KOHLER bathroom sink faucet

As for that particular faucet, the Bol is a great KOHLER bathroom sink faucet. It is actually installed in the restroom of one of my favorite restaurants. I noticed it about a year and a half ago and it appears to be holding its own in a very busy commercial setting.  So I can definitely attest to it being worth the money. I generally equate one year of commercial use to about ten years of residential use.

The Bol is a great design and your guests will be delighted at the elegance and simplicity of the bathroom faucet. The design is “inspired by an antique apothecary mortar and pestle.”  Which is what makes this faucet a designers dream! The Bol has a starting price of around $450 so I can understand why you would want to make sure you did all your research before purchasing. But I’m fairly confident that given KOHLER’s track record and warranty you will be pleased with the Bol single-control ceramic faucet for years to come.

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Written by Amanda Hartley