Today Velda writes:

Diva, I just need a second opinion. What do you think about the 45″ Kohler Stages kitchen sink? I like to cook, but I’m not a professional chef. At the 45″, size do you think I’m going overboard?

Hi Velda. So what do I think about the Kohler Stages kitchen sink? Would it be corny if I said it was the best thing since sliced bread? That sink is a designers’ dream! If you have the 45″ space go for it! It’s not everyday that you find a sink that is designed to be functional and still looks amazing.

Kohler Stages Kitchen Sink

From an accessories stand point, this sink is fully loaded. And the best part is that it comes with all the accessories itself. You’ll find everything you need to help get you ready to start cooking! From a cutting board and six prep bowls to a utensil tray and flip tray, it all fits over the top of the sink seamlessly. Kohler also includes a bottom basin rack and accessory storage rack.

There is a reason this line of kitchen sinks is part of the Chef Inspired Collection. Kohler collaborated with real professional chefs. So any chef, whether amateur or professional will love this kitchen sink. Just imagine you are standing at your sink, using the included walnut cutting board, slicing and dicing fresh vegetables. You finish up one ingredient and effortlessly slide the contents into a prep bowl. Then that prep bowl goes back into the tray. From there, you can pick that whole tray up and take it over to your cooktop. And don’t forget you can leave the knives safely in the utensil tray, instead of leaving them in the sink and potentially forgetting about it later. With all your prep steps taken care of, the Stages kitchen sink makes cooking seem like a breeze.

There just isn’t any reason I wouldn’t recommend that someone not get this sink. Unless of course, you don’t have the 45″ space. But then I’d just recommend going with the smaller 33″ one. It is only a single compartment, so it might be a tough sell for anyone looking for a two or three compartment sink. However, it is a large enough compartment that you can easily handle large pots and pans. Add to that, a wet area to set messy things and a dishwasher, and I can’t imagine why anyone would need two compartments anyways. The sink is pricier than a basic sink, but it also comes with all of those accessories, something you wouldn’t find with a basic sink. Nor would you find as much functionality.

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Written by Amanda Hartley