Today Cindy writes:

Dear Home Makeover Diva, can I install laminate flooring on my stairs?

Cindy, yes you can lay laminate flooring on your stairs.  I know many readers get tired of me saying this, but you just have to follow the manufacturers recommendations for the specifics. The basics of laying laminate flooring on stairs are that you have to glue it down instead of letting it be a floating floor.  Most often the manufacturer has a specific glue they recommend or a type of construction strength adhesive. Either way both the riser and the step will have to be glued to be secured.  And you won’t be using any type of underlayment or foam pad when you glue the laminate down. So if your laminate has the pad attached, you will need to peel it off each piece.

Laminate Flooring On Stairs

Another thing to look out for is that you will not want to use an overlapping stairnose transition piece. This means you will have to cut down the stairnose transition if overlapping is the only kind available to make it into a flush mount, otherwise you will have a trip hazard.  Even though all of this sounds like adding more work to an otherwise do it yourself friendly project, it is still possible.  Just make sure you read the directions thoroughly and understand what you are getting yourself into before the project starts!

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Written by Amanda Hartley