Today Jenny writes:

Dear Diva, my husband wants to put a polished light-colored marble tile on the floor of our kitchen. I’m not really sure if this is a good idea, though. What do you think? Is the kitchen floor a good place for polished marble tiles?

Jenny, a marble tile kitchen floor is a beautiful choice for any kitchen. I can definitely understand why your husband would want the look of marble in the kitchen. However, I can also understand why you might be hesitant. Personally, my first choice for kitchen flooring would not be marble tile. Mostly because marble is somewhat higher maintenance than other stone tile types. And will require more care than porcelain or ceramic tiles. With that mind, I would consider marble a good choice for the kitchen only if you keep the following in mind: it can be slick and it may be harder to keep clean.

First of all Marble can be slick, especially if the surface is wet. For someone like me who is a klutz, I would stay away from any polished tiles completely. But this is a biased opinion and to be honest it is only from my perception of the surface of the tile. I have never actually slipped on a polished marble or granite tile, however, I do fear that I may slip and fall. You may find that slipping is not an issue for you. If you have kids or anyone who is unsteady on their feet, you may want to reconsider and choose a tile that has a higher slip resistance rating.

Marble Tile Kitchen Floor

Another consideration is that light-colored natural stones such as marble are hard to keep clean. This is partly because of the light color of the stone and partly because of its polished surface. Flooring of any kind that is a light color will be harder to keep clean and keep from staining. With marble tiles you can combat some of potential staining by using a good quality penetrating grout and tile sealer.  And making sure to follow-up with re-sealing once a year will also help. In addition to this you will also want to make sure you are using a tile cleaner that is approved not to affect the sealer. For example, you will want to make sure to stay away from any type of sealer with bleach or any other harsh chemicals.

Polished surfaces in general also tend to show dirt more easily than others. This factor can be a bigger issue if you have kids and pets, since they tend to track in more dirt.  If this is the case you will want to be wary of polished surfaces or just be aware you may need to clean the marble tiles more often than less glossy surfaces.

Regardless of which type of flooring you decide on for the kitchen, make sure it is a choice you can both live with. Especially for the person who is responsible for keeping the new floor clean. And because new flooring is expensive you want to choose something you can live with! Marble tile kitchen flooring may sound like a good option now, but it may not be for you later on down the line. Especially if you plan on staying in your home for the long haul!

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Written by Amanda Hartley