Love her or hate her, you’ve got to admit that products with the title Martha Stewart Living at The Home Depot, are wonderful.  From a design standpoint the ability to coordinate from product to product, is simply fantastic. One example: I just helped a friend design and choose the colors and products for her new nursery.  Her favorite part of the whole process was the Martha Stewart Living Cube Organizer.

The greatest thing about the cube organizer’s is that they are easy to put together.  It took us very little time to get the two units put together and start the organization process right away.  The cube organizer can be used as open shelves or you can purchase the fabric cubes to put inside of it as well.  The fabric cubes allow you to create storage for little items or hide clutter.  The fabric bins were great for baby toys and clothes.  It’s amazing how many little pairs of socks and booties one of those bins can hold!

Martha Stewart Living At The Home Depot

The fabric cubes come in many colors and will coordinate with Martha Stewart Living Paint Samples! This means if you follow the symbols on the paint cards with the symbols on the cubes, you will get a perfectly color coordinated space.  All you’ve got to do is match like symbols throughout the process.  For example all the apples are color tones that go together. Same with the stars, moons and so on.

The matching process is just that simple.  There can really be no doubt that the Martha Stewart Living line really helps those that are color challenged! And once my friend had her color scheme selected, the rest of the room fell into place!  Now she has an organized color coordinated nursery and will be able to rest assured that things are in their place when the baby arrives.

Written by Amanda Hartley