Today Judy writes:

I am remodeling my kitchen and have a new black refrigerator (only a
year old).  I have not picked cabinet color yet and want to know if I
have to stay with all black appliances?  I will be needing a new wall
oven and a new dish washer and microwave.  I am looking at matching an
Electrolux wall oven
that is stainless steel with black window.  Would this work?

Also it was suggested to put a slide in Jenn Aire with downdraft range
and use the wall space to extend the counter space.

The countertop will probably be granite.  Do you have any suggestions on
color?  There is a black Jenn Aire downdraft cooktop in the
countertop now unless we go with the slide in range.  I am so confused
what to do.  Appreciate any advice you can give me.  Judy

Matching An Electrolux Wall Oven

Judy, it sounds like you’re right in the middle of the decision stage of your kitchen remodel.  And while I’ve been there and love my kitchen now, I do remember getting more than a little stressed with all of it myself! It sounds like you are asking all the right questions and well on your way to a beautiful new kitchen. Let’s start with the first part of your question.

Matching appliances?

Do all of your appliances need to be black? Black and stainless steel appliances are probably the only two appliance colors you can get away with mixing.  Because the Electrolux wall oven you are looking at has the black accents it will help lend itself to the color of the fridge and it will look alright.

That being said, personally I’d caution against it for two reasons. Reason number one is that if the refrigerator is close to any of the new appliances that are going to be stainless steel the difference will be more noticeable.  Because this will highlight the difference instead of blending it in. If this is the case I would definitely suggest going with all black appliances or all stainless steel.  And reason number two is that most people who don’t match all of their appliances during a remodel usually regret it later on.

The oven/range dilemma.

Both options sound like a good decision. If you are short on space in your kitchen you might want to consider the Jenn Aire downdraft slide in range.  Only because everything you need is in that 30″ space.  You won’t lose any valuable cabinet space on the underside of the cooktop where the hook-up and parts for the downdraft are. If space is not an issue, I’d suggest going with which ever one has the best features for you. There really isn’t a wrong answer here because both options will help you maximize the space for your upper cabinets by not having a hood fan for ventilation.

Picking out granite color!

Here is an area that a lot of people get stumped on so you are not alone!  My rule of thumb for choosing colors in a kitchen is to make the countertop color be somewhere in between the color of your floors and cabinets.  For example if you have a light color floor and dark kitchen cabinets, opt for a color that is in the middle as far as value is concerned.  This way the countertop color bridges the gap in contrast between the cabinets and the floor.

The other suggestion I have is to go out and look at granite samples. Do any of them stand out to you? I can suggest a list of colors that I think are wonderful but you may not like the same style as I do.  So get out there and look around!  If you’ve seen some granites you like but still can’t choose one, go check out kitchen cabinet colors.  If you find a cabinet color you like, then you may be able to narrow down which granites you like.

No matter what granite you choose, your new appliances are going to look fabulous with them! Both stainless steel and black appliances go wonderfully with any color granite countertops. If you are still having a hard time choosing colors and you aren’t working with a designer, consider consulting with one.  Any route you go though, I’m sure the remodel will turn out great! You are already at a great start, just keep doing your research and remember to choose the product that best works for your needs and has the features you want!

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Written by Amanda Hartley